Friday, August 20, 2010

Quick Takes, #12

#1: I almost had a date with my husband this week. We had lunch...just the two of I suppose it counts. It was last minute and shoved between work meetings, but it was still conversation face to face.

#2: Because I'm stubborn and not really counting lunch as a date with my husband, I'm hoping we might get one tomorrow night. The boys' older sister wanted time with them, so she has them tomorrow night and I just got set free from the church commitment I had. So...maybe...

#3: Our schools around here began the new year this week. The four-year-old is anticipating when he starts kindergarten (yes, a year from now) and had several questions this week. First, he asked what day next August he would start school. Of course I don't know, but had I been able to tell him, he probably would have remembered (he's just that kind of kid). Second, he asked if any of his preschool friends will go to the same school as him. Because of locations (daycare is by my work and he'll be in school near our home), I doubt it, but again...I don't know. Finally he asked if I would go to a new work when he goes to a new school. I told him probably not. At least not that I know of.

#4: I'm working on planning a family vacation for the fall - late October, perhaps November. The main point is just to spend some time together. It doesn't have to be any place with big attractions or one of those once in a lifetime locations. Just somewhere away. Any ideas? Any place you've loved being with your family and young children?

#5: I had eaten Bagel Thins (shaped like a bagel, the flavor of a bagel, not so thick and packed with more fiber) at my mom's. Then she had brought me some on her last visit because I couldn't find them. But guessed it...I found them at our local grocery! Guess what we had for dinner?!? Guess what we'll have for breakfast tomorrow?!?

#6: What is it about religion that often seems to make people think they have to have the right answer and everyone whose answer is different than theirs is wrong? I don't get that. And I've been in several conversations lately with people who really struggle with that and who, because of that, are really turned away from God. What purpose does that serve?

#7: I read a book this last week! No, not an illustrated, rhyming children's book. One with paragraphs and pages in the hundreds. A simple novel about friendship. Not the best book I've ever read, but just what I needed.

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Lenae said...

Your 4-year-old sounds like mine: memories like elephants! :) He constantly astounds me with the minute details he's internalized.

Bagel Thins sound familiar, but I have yet to try them. Any food whose flavor merits dinner and a consecutive breakfast deserves to be added to my shopping list, though!

Regarding #6- I've been thinking about this quandary a lot lately. I'm pretty steadfast about what the Bible is explicitly clear about, but get quite frustrated with other believers who want to throw down over their personal conclusions and applications of abstract/unclear things. Does that sound hypocritical? ...It is is a slippery slope to tread, and I often wonder if I'm walking it the wrong way. I'd be interested to read a more expanded version of your thoughts on it.

Have a great weekend, Jill!