Thursday, January 9, 2014

Open Letter to the Mom in the Donut Shop

Dear Mom in the Donut Shop,

Thank you! 

You probably don't even remember me.  We did not speak.  Our only interaction was when I went to leave the donut shop.  You and your two young children had just walked in and they (likely overwhelmed by the abundance of sugar in the cases of donuts in front of them) stopped just inside the door.  When I turned to leave (and needed access to that same door) you quietly said to them, "Step over here, please."  And they did.

It's really a moment I could have quickly forgotten, or even not noticed.  But I did notice.

I noticed that your voice was quiet and calm.

I noticed that you didn't snap at them or grab them to move them.

I noticed that you said please to your children.

I noticed and I know they did, too. 

Thank you for being that parent and for letting me and others witness your actions and attitude toward your children. 

A grateful donut-eating stranger