Monday, April 12, 2010

What if...

Here is a realization I keep making over and over again...

We parents are the clearest glimpse of God our children have right now.

(Pause for a moment of being overwhelmed)

Now, let's be clear...some days we show them who God is more clearly than others...some days we are better and closer to being who God asks us to be for them. Some days...not so much. Some days the way we represent God to our children is less than faithful.

But, what would happen if in our parenting we kept this reality in the forefront of our minds?

What if as we were driving our children to school (late, as usual) we remembered that all we do shows them God?

What if as we heard hateful words shared between our children (more often than we'd like to hear) we responded from the heart of God?

What if as we expressed our frustration with our spouse we remembered that our children who are playing in the next room would hear God's voice in our own?

What if at all times we kept asking, "What are my children learning about God by the way I am living?"

What if...


This Heavenly Life said...

Jill, this is an AMAZING revelation. Or revolution...because it would revolutionize our families to live like this. I can't wait for more :)

(Plus, I'm doing a little happy dance that you've started your blog!)

Laura said...

I'm visiting from This Heavenly Life and am also excited to keep reading, based on the quality of this post. Thank you for sharing!

Leah said...

I really like this. I projected from my own parents a God who was distant and inattentive. Makes me want to wrap my own children in love.