Friday, April 16, 2010

God's Child

Tonight I went to a children's ministry training event. With our materials everyone received a pin that said, "You are a Child of God. I'll treat you like it."

As you're probably figuring out by now, that made me think about parenting.

Here's what I wondered...

What if when we looked at "our" children we saw them first as a child of God? What if we looked past the fact that she has your hair or he has his father's nose? What if we looked past the uncanny resemblance between the baby and his older brother? What if we saw right past the hair color and face shape to see the child of God in front of us?

How would you treat your children if you first thought of them as God's?

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This Heavenly Life said...

Well...I don't think I would yell or assume fault. There would be a lot more time left open for communication and working through issues rather than making the trouble stop immediately. A lot more acceptance of traits that may not please me all that much. A lot more praise and benefit of the doubt.

A child of God....God's child....I have to go think, now.