Thursday, November 24, 2011

Witnessing Generosity

My first born turned 6 this last week. In recognition that he's a big kid, my dad and step-mom took him shopping for his birthday gift rather than buying one of their choosing. My dad had told him before entering how much money he had to spend and then, within that amount, it was up to him. I wish I would have been there to witness what happened.

You see, my children (especially the 6-year-old, but following in his footsteps, the 3-year-old) have gotten into Webkinz. Are you familiar with these furry little creatures? They look like any other stuffed animal and come in ALL varieties. But the really cool thing is that they come with a secret code which allows you to then get on the website and create your virtual pet. You make him or her a home, feed and play with them, even play games. It's like two toys for one purchase! Ours is a home where four people and some obnoxious number of Webkinz live happily.

Having said that, the first thing the 6-year-old looked for at the store was Webkinz. So, upon finding the Webkinz, he began his careful consideration. Finally, meticulously, he picked out a Lynx. While his grandparents expected to move on, he wasn't done. He then picked out a second Webkinz, a grizzly bear. As he sat them next to each other he said, "This one is for me and this one is for my brother."

My dad waited, expecting him to propose that Grandpa buy his little brother this new toy. But that's not what happened. Instead, he turned to his grandpa for help with the math, added the two together, subtracted that from the total he had to spend and happily chose both toys.

A six-year-old's birthday money willingly spent on his little brother - that's generosity I'm happy to witness...and remember...and learn from.