Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Lost Has Been Found

Today I found my calendar. I hadn't known where it was for nearly two weeks - hadn't seen it since the tornado hit our community. Now mind you, I knew it wasn't a victim of the tornado as my home, my office and my car had not been hit...and I knew it had to be in one of those places.

Actually, as glad as I am today to have found it, I also learned a lot by not having it. After all, on normal days I live as if I can't live without it.

Here's what I learned...

1) I can live without my calendar. In fact, it took me from May 22nd until June 1st to even realize that I didn't know where it was and hadn't been consulting it every day.

2) Although I tend to write notes about everything I want to remember, I don't think anything monumental has been forgotten. My mind really does its job and I can remember things without checking my calendar.

3) No matter how much planning we do everything can be changed in an instant and what really needs our attention will come to the surface and ask for it.

4) The relief I felt when finding my calendar pales in comparison to the relief I felt with each meeting or phone call that told me someone I cared about whose house had been destroyed was safe. My calendar may be my more constant companion, but it's people who really matter.

Yes, I'm glad to have found my calendar. I will go back to writing dates and notes on it. But these 13 days with it missing have had their own reward and this I will not forget.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Please, Do This...

Take a minute and go read today's post at Permission to Live.

It's about talking to your children about sexual abuse and it's very well written.

I won't say any more...I just encourage you to go read it.