Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Belief Turned to Action

Do you ever consider what you believe about God? Do you ever consider how what you believe about God makes a difference in your parenting?

When we are expecting children we plan and prepare for many things. We read parenting books. We consider how we will approach feeding and naps. We make decisions about how we intend to discipline. We decide if and when we will have more children. We choose names and nursery decor.

But when you were expecting a child did you stop to consider how your concept of God would affect your parenting?

Consider these questions...

Do you think of God as a heavenly cop waiting to catch you in the act of doing something wrong? Or do you think of God as a safe place to go even when you have done something wrong?

Do you worry that something you do or say could get you out of God's good graces, or worse, thrown into the pits of hell? Or do you believe that there is always room for you in God's kingdom?

Do you believe in a God whose love is conditional? Or do you believe in a God whose love is unconditional?

Do you believe that God is more interested in rules? Or do you believe that God is more interested in relationship?

I suspect that what we believe about God influences how we parent our children. I suspect that our beliefs get lived out...that they shape our actions.

What do you think?


Laura said...

Yes, my kids have certainly made me think about my concept of God. I am continually aware of the fact that I can't teach them about Someone I don't know very well. That bothers me. I want to love them unconditionally BECAUSE I know God does. I want to be a safe place and give them second chances. I want to have an amazing relationship with them. So I HOPE God wants the same for me.

Jill@ClearestGlimpse said...

I just can't help but think that the only way we can even want those things for our children is because God wants them (and offers them) for us.