Friday, August 6, 2010

Quick Takes, #10: Stuff I Loved

I'm not sure what's motivating this post. Perhaps it's the fact that we just had a grandbaby and so baby stuff is on my mind. Perhaps it's the fact that our house is nearly absent of baby stuff because our little boys have grown out of so much of it and I'm happy with the stage we're in. It's likely that many who read are also past the baby stage as well, but I'm just going to take a moment to reflect on baby stuff I wouldn't have wanted to live without.

#1: Ducky Bag Holder (and the bags in it): This cute little companion remains in our diaper bag (the two-year-old is not yet potty trained) and has been our best friend for four and a half years now. He contains a roll of trash bags for the disposal of diapers. Since we've always been on the go with the boys, it's been nice to know I always had a bag handy for diaper disposal. I never wanted to be that person who left someone else's house smelling like...

#2: Dreft Stain Remover: I'm sure there are other brands that work just as well, but our cabinet has not been without Dreft Stain Remover for four and a half years. I have found that it works well on everything from poop to spit up to food to more grown up stains like ink and oil.

#3: Binkies: Yes, I know some people think a child should never be given a pacifier, but my boys were both binky addicts and I supported their addictions. In fact, the two-year-old has one in his mouth and one in each hand right now. I think it's great for folks who don't use them, but for us they worked and when he was ready, our oldest left his binkies for the Easter Bunny and went cold turkey. I haven't worried too much about breaking the habit...I've never seen a 17-year-old taking one to prom.

#4: A Soft Blankie: Both of my boys have wonderful, soft blankies that have been great companions (and a source of jealousy for my husband and I who have often wondered why they don't make adult sized blankets in that fabric).

#5: A Rocking Chair: And let me start by saying that I'm not really a "sit and rock the baby for hours on end" sort of gal. I know people who really could just sit and hold a baby all day. That's not me. I love the feeling of a baby, especially my babies, in my arms, but my mind is often racing with the many things I need to be doing. But, our rocking chair was a wonderful place for me to quiet those voices and be present with my boys, especially during feedings.

#6: Baby Book: Although there are still incomplete pages in both of my boys' baby books, I am a person who likes to record and remember. I loved having a place to write down what they were doing and what they were like at different points along the journey. I love to go back and read them.

#7: Breasts: Okay, not something you can buy at the store, but something I wouldn't have wanted to go through the baby stage without. I loved breast feeding my children. I loved the connection that I felt with them. I loved the power of knowing that my body was providing just what they needed. I loved the fact that it gave us time together - time that couldn't be pushed off or forgotten but that demanded it be taken.

What was your "can't live without" baby item? Even though I won't be needing it, I'd love to hear...maybe I'll buy it for an expectant mother someday!

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