Friday, August 13, 2010

Quick Takes, #11: Actually Random

#1 - I had lunch with our two week old grandbaby this week. Well, his mommy and I ate, but he kept us company. Is it bad that both myself and his mommy were commenting that one of his cutest faces is the frown right before he lets out a cry? He's just so cute when his mouth turns down and his forehead wrinkles that it's hard to do much but smile. However, he does know how to make himself known and is sure to get comforted when the crying ensues.

#2 - Speaking of our new grandbaby - his daddy went back to work this week and his mommy goes back to school next week. Their life is about to get into the "usual rhythm" - whatever that is. Please send good thoughts and prayers their way as they get back to their routines and as they figure out how those routines work with a new little one in their midst.

#3 - I was reading this post and was really struck by those four words, "At the same moment." Wow - so much does happen at the same moment. My joy lays next to someone else's sorrow. My anxiety next to someone else's eagerness. But even beyond that, I find these things happening within me. My joy and sorrow anxiety and eagerness excitement and exhaustion intermingle. Isn't it amazing?

#4 - The four-year-old's swimming lessons ended today. It's amazing how much he learned. I actually watched him swim the length of his teacher's pool BY HIMSELF. It is pretty amazing!

#5 - Tonight on the way home from swimming the four-year-old did a favorite thing which is to tease me by saying, "I don't love you." Of course, the two-year-old chimed right in, "I don't love you, too, Mommy." But I didn't have to listen...the four-year-old responded to him before I could. "But she'll always love you," he told his little brother. I had to smile...he's been listening!

#6 - I recently mentioned my grandparents in a blog. I have to comment on them again. In the last month both my grandma and my grandpa have written sweet letters to my four-year-old in response to drawings/notes he has sent them in the mail. It just warms my heart that they take the time to do that and I love that he is learning about old fashioned, hand written correspondence.

#7 - I need a date with my husband. Perhaps I should make sure that happens.

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Christine said...

Send warm thoughts of encouragement and understanding to the grandbaby's parents. It will be hard for sure, but with supportive loving family like you, they will figure it out.

I love that you do this each week. A reminder for future and an acknowledgement for now. Really, very lovely!

Lenae said...

Thanks for reminding me that there is indeed an institution called the United States Postal Service that I very rarely utilize ;) I was pretty good when my oldest was younger about making things with him to mail to the grandparents (and they adored it, of course!) I shall have to resume the practice!

I hope you get that date night; we're badly in need of one too!