Tuesday, August 17, 2010

For What Do We Pray?

Today it is overcast and far cooler than it's been for weeks. While I'm enjoying this change in weather - the cooler temps, the lack of sun beating down and baking everything within its reach - my four-year-old is concerned.

"Is it going to rain today, Mom?" he asked first thing this morning. I had to look out the window...I hadn't even taken time to notice the weather.

"It might," I replied, enjoying the thought of a summer rain.

Rain didn't enter our conversation again until we were in the car on our way in to town.

"Mom, you need to pray," said the four-year-old.

Pray. Okay. I can do that. But, what's this request about, I wondered.

"Why?" I asked.

"You need to ask God to not let it rain."

Ah, my child is worried that rain will interrupt his much needed outdoor play at school. He wants the weather to cooperate with his plans.

But, how do I respond? I want my children to know they can talk to God about anything. I also want them to understand that God isn't there to give them everything they want whenever they ask (or demand) it.

I did respond...with carefully chosen words...walking the tightrope between these two realities...perhaps with more of an answer than my four-year-old needed.

But, how would you respond? How do you help your children find that balance? How do you find it?

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