Friday, June 18, 2010

Quick Takes, #4: Things I Love About the Two-Year-Old

Quick Takes topic of the week...the two-year-old and what I love about him (a few things, anyway)

1. How could I not love that smile?

2. Even though he's getting big, he still loves to be held

3. He's just easy doesn't take much to please him or calm him

4. The fact that his favorite phrase is, "Me, too," as he strives to be as big as his big brother

5. His bravery - there's nothing he won't try

6. The certainty with which he tells us things (even on those occasions when we don't know what he's saying!)

7. The way he tells me, "I not baby...I big boy," even as he sucks his binky, cuddles his blankie and climbs on my lap!

Do you have a special little two-year-old in your life? What are you loving about him or her?

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1 comment:

Lenae said...

I do have a special two-year-old in my life, and am currently enjoying a wonderful "moment" with him: after weeks of constant, terrifyingly loud (and often public) tantrums, he has suddenly decided that his preferred method of communication with Mama is... love. Lots of it. Snuggles. Eskimo kisses. Running to say goodbye to me before Daddy's urged him to do so. This morning I watched as they were leaving to go to the Farmer's Market and spotted him anxiously looking from window to window, presumably for me :) I'll take it for as long as I can, until the tantrums come back for a stay :)