Friday, June 11, 2010

Quick Takes, #3: Things I Love About the Four-Year-Old

This week my Quick Takes are going to center on my here are 7 (of the many) things I love about him.

#1: The smile that lights up his face (and mine, too)

#2: The way he doesn't miss a thing that's happening around him

#3: His fierce loyalty to those he loves

#4: His desire to grow up so he can drive a race car and be a "doctor who takes care of teeth"

#5: The way he can so quickly go from being mommy's baby to very grown up and back again

#6: How his eagerness and hesitancy mingled last night when the bigger boys on our street welcomed him in to their game

#7: The balance he seems to naturally have of valuing time alone as well as time with people

What is it that you love about your children? I'd love to hear. Stayed week we'll talk about the two-year-old.

Meanwhile, for more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary.

1 comment:

This Heavenly Life said...

He really doesn't miss anything happening around him! Such a smart boy you have, there :)

Let's of the things I love about my 4-year-old is her very active imagination. She'll have entire conversations between a set of toys or dolls, and each one speaks in a different accent. So funny :)