Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Know Dat!

My two-year-old likes to hit. He's not mean...he just has those two-year-old defense mechanisms which are largely connected with his arms and hands.

The other day he hit his brother. I sat him in time out and said, "We do not hit." He looked at me and (in a tone that said, "DUH!") responded, "I KNOW DAT!" I walked away wondering, "Then why do you hit?"

Since then it has occurred to me that although our age may increase we are sometimes not so far from the two-year-old mentality. How often do we hear God saying, "That's not a good choice," only to respond, "I know that" even while we keep on doing the same thing? I suspect more often than we'd like to admit.

Perhaps the place I need to begin in helping my two-year-old learn to match his actions with what he knows are good choices is for me to make sure I am doing the same. Perhaps when I am doing what I know is faithful, what I know is right...perhaps then my children will be more likely to as well.

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This Heavenly Life said...

This is so true. And it's even harder for adults, I think, because we might have a tendency to do things wrong, and not even realize it...it's become commonplace and we forget about it. We become numb to it.

Another wonderful case of children educating their parents :)