Friday, September 24, 2010

Quick Takes, #16

#1: Apologies for not having the lovely "Quick Takes" picture at the beginning of this post...I'm in a hotel, using the business center computer and need to be quick.

#2: Which brings us to #2 - I've been spending this week in lovely San Diego! It's been a little cooler and hazier than usual, but I'm so ready for fall that leaving 95 degrees in Missouri to come to 65 and 70 degrees here is wonderful!

#3: The pastor's conference I've been at this week was tremendous! The speaker was really good as were the preachers during worship services. My earlier post this week (which you are welcome to continue responding to) was a direct result of our conversations here.

#4: I've been with one of my dear friends this week and it's been wonderful. Close friendships are so important to me but the busy-ness of life makes them harder and harder to find time for. So, I so cherish these moments where we can just be together without so many other demands.

#5: Speaking of other demands...this is not the first time I've left my hubby and kids home, but it is the longest. It's happened a few others times for just a couple of days. This time I've been gone Monday - Saturday. And of course, they are doing fine. I knew they would...I've just always hoped to keep it a secret from them that they're perfectly capable of surviving without me.

#6: Actually, capable is an understatement. My husband is busy being super dad. The two-year-old has now gone five days of going potty on the toilet. Yes, my dreams are coming true...he's being potty trained while I'm away!

#7: I may have mentioned that we bought the two-year-old a big boy bed. We haven't put it up yet but will soon. This week, his daddy used it as motivation for going potty. After all, big boys go potty on the toilet and get to sleep in big boy beds. :) (Guess it's time for me to start calling him the's a mouthful, but it better represents him!)

Have a great weekend! Visit here for more Quick Takes.

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Young Mom said...

Aww, it's hard to be away form mine for more than a few hours. :) And congrats on the potty training! Hope it sticks!