Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bigger Picture #10: I Want a Both/And World

My four-year-old hears a compliment given to someone else and immediately assumes that means the opposite is being said of him.

"Doesn't she like me, Mommy?"

"You only think she is sweet, not me, Mommy?"

I turn on the news (which I try to do as seldom as possible) and hear that a church has set a date for burning another religion's holy book and is hoping others will join them in this effort.

"Read our book...not theirs."

"Only call ours holy...not theirs."

Everywhere I turn it seems that the message that is being sent is one that says:

"My way is right...your way is wrong."

"If I affirm your way, I must reject my way."

And I just don't get this.

Because when I look around I see both/and.

She can like both of you.

I can think you're both sweet.

Both holy books hold value.

Truth is found in both books...both ways...both journeys.

The bigger picture?

Maybe it's that we have a lot to learn about compassion, about tolerance, about love.

Maybe it's that I'm crazy to even think both/and is a possibility...but I don't want to accept an either/or world.

Maybe it's that what we teach our kids matters so much because this next generation will choose whether to increase the divide or to build a bridge over it. I hope to raise a couple of bridge builders.

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This Heavenly Life said...

I feel like applauding :) Wonderful, wonderful thoughts, and yes -- let's raise bridge-builders!

cristina said...

I hope I raise bridge builders as well, because the alternative just makes me so sad.

Young Mom said...

I agree with this post so much! The either/or mentality makes me so sad. Love = Acceptance.

Hyacynth said...

It makes me so sad to hear about people of faith burning books others find holy.
I hope my boys realize the importance of speaking the truth in love.

Kam said...

I loved this. I am so glad I read it today. It captured perfectly what I was feeling about this whole mess and what being a true Christian really means. I hope I am raising a bridge builder!