Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bigger Picture #12: A Foot in Both Worlds

I believe I had mentioned that we bought the two-year-old a big boy bed. Well, last night we finally put it up.
The delay was several fold. First, the hubby was very busy remodeling the church kitchen. Then, when he was home I was out of town and I requested that it be delayed so that I could be here when the little one first slept in it. Meanwhile, while I was out of town the hubby worked on potty training the two-year-old and used the bed as bait for "becoming a big boy."
So, last night it all came together. We were all at home. In fact, my step-son was over with his new little one so I got to hold the grandbaby while he helped put the bed together (that definitely worked out in my favor!).
And bedtime came and the two-year-old slept in his big boy bed! I expected him to be eager for bedtime (at least for one night) but found that not to be the case. Even with his new bed, of which he is very proud, he still resisted going to sleep. However, he didn't get out of bed! And that was a big deal since he's been climbing out the crib nearly every night when he is resisting bedtime.
All of this talk of him becoming a big boy...with the milestones of potty training and moving out of the crib...again has me reflecting on the journey of growing up.
He is becoming a big boy. And he is still a baby (don't tell him I said that!). See, that's really how it is. There is not a moment when that transition happens. There is not a magical event - not even potty training - that makes a little one fully grown. Rather it's a journey...a foot in the big boy world doing big boy things and becoming ever more independent ...a foot in the baby world clinging to his mommy and wanting to remain dependent.
And perhaps this isn't only true for two-year-olds. Maybe most of us are living with out feet planted in different worlds...confident, yet uncertain...grown up and responsible, yet wanting someone else to depend...truly happy with our lives, yet seeking something more.
And maybe it's not a bad place to be. After all, maybe when we discover how to live well with our feet in different worlds, maybe we discover our true selves.
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Young Mom said...

I like this! I think deciding that we've arrived can be so damaging.

This Heavenly Life said...

Wonderful post, Jill! I think I struggle to come to terms with my own independence -- so often wanting someone else to lead me -- that I forget to accept the placement of my feet. I'm an enigma :) Aren't we all?

cristina said...

This is just what I needed to read today. thank you :)

Melissa said...

Finding our true selves, growing up, those really are the bigger picture moments huh.

Thank you for linking up with us!