Friday, September 17, 2010

Quick Takes, #15

#1: Anyone else out there tired? (Is this a recurring theme for me? Hmmm...maybe I should learn something) This week has been exhausting - tonight will be the fifth, out of six so far, night with something we need to attend at church. Thankfully this is unusually busy. And thankfully my boys seem to manage this craziness...perhaps better than me.

#2: I'm getting ready to head for San Diego...three days and counting. I will see good friends who I am rarely with, sleep a little later than usual in the mornings, enjoy the ocean breeze...oh, yes, and go to the conference I'm attending (better not forget that!).

#3: Although the four-year-old cried (big, sobbing tears) again yesterday when I reminded him that I'll be leaving on Monday, today when we talked about the fact that my plane gets in during a NASCAR race the following Saturday, he quickly told me that Daddy and his brother could come to the airport to get me without him. He'll just see me when I get home.

#4: In the midst of this busy week yesterday had a little respite. I stayed home in the morning and got the house cleaned and even made a meatloaf (the only non-fast food dinner my kids have had this week!). Anyone else feel totally satisfied by the scent of bathroom cleaners and the sight of a freshly vacuumed floor?

#5: I've mentioned that my husband and others have been working on remodeling our church kitchen. It looks wonderful! I'm really glad that our home is newer and has a kitchen I'm satisfied with. Otherwise, he might have had to remodel ours as soon as he's done with this one.

#6: I made meatloaf. I made soup earlier in the week. Our church ladies are getting ready to make apple pies which they do each fall as a fundraiser. All this fall food is making me long (even more) for fall. I'm ready to pull on a sweatshirt and not about you?

#7: It looks like this Couch to 5K thing might really happen! I've talked my dear friend Sarah into doing this with me. Monday, September 27 is our start date (which will be good since I may practice overindulging this next week in San Diego). We'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

For more Quick Takes visit Conversion Diary. Have a great weekend!


This Heavenly Life said...

Oh no -- you've released the 5K start date. I'm doomed :)

(Now, for the shoe shopping!)

Jill said...

Sorry, Sarah...hope we'll still get to do this together! :)

Hyacynth said...

We officially have fall here in Chicago, and I had to break out the sweaters and closed toe shoes. I'm such a summer lover that I dread fall until I just cannot hang onto summer for one.more.moment because it's just gone. And then I get giddy over hot chais and leaves and such.
Have a fabulous time! Cannot wait to hear about your trip!

Young Mom said...

I hear you on church activities! Hubby had something almost every night last week, he really tries to be home in the evening, but sometimes it just can't be helped.

Amy Whipkey said...

good luck on the running to both of you. you can do it :)