Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sabbatical Begins Here

Today is February 1st.

Today I receive the gift of time.

I am blest to serve a congregation that recognizes the value of sabbatical. Every five years I get a three month sabbatical. Having served this congregation now for ten years, today I start my second one. This time I've divided up the three months and so this first piece is the month of February. Today is the beginning.

And, on day 1, all my plans changed.

I was supposed to leave town today. Snow has been falling since the middle of the night. I don't know what the official count is, but we've received over a foot (with drifts far deeper) and the snow continues to fall. So, I'm home...not doing what I planned.

And maybe that's just right for sabbatical.

After all, what I am doing is resting, spending time with my family, cooking for the ones I love and simply being. With each hour I figure out how to set aside a little more of my worry that this month will go quickly and already I'm off course and instead I'm simply finding ways to be, here, today...tomorrow...and likely until the snow begins to melt.

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