Friday, July 9, 2010

Quick Takes, #7: Babies and Random Thoughts

Up until now my Quick Takes have all been thematic. Today I'm straying from that...although several will talk about babies, not all. This has been our week...enjoy!

#1: My children are home. They came home Monday and other than Monday I've had meetings every night. Thankfully we can have slow mornings together. And thankfully these children of mine are quite adaptable and quite happy to be home (even when being home means many evenings in the church nursery).

#2: Last week I wrote about the two-year-old who likes to be held. Tonight when I got home and went in to kiss my supposed-to-be-sleeping four-year-old good night, he wanted to be held. When I picked him up, he wrapped himself around me and did not want to be put down. Maybe he and his brother aren't so different after all.

#3: A college friend of mine and his wife experienced a miracle this week. Against all odds, their baby was born...full term, no less. At 17 weeks, her water broke, but beyond explanation of the medical world, the break sealed back over, the amniotic fluid levels returned to normal and the pregnancy went full term. Her birth was fraught with its own set of struggles. But today I saw pictures of them holding their little one - I've never seen my friend happier. Congrats to them and welcome to the world baby girl!

#4: Speaking of babies, we will have our first grandbaby later this month. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but my husband has two older children. His son and girlfriend are expecting. Tonight they were here watching our boys and her very pregnant belly got much attention. The two-year-old kept patting it and the four-year-old (since he wasn't yet sleeping) got to tell me how he felt her tummy when the baby was moving. They are so excited for this baby to born...after all, that will make them uncles!

#5: At church on Sunday we did what I think was a really nice service, a Celebration of Independence. I'll admit that I struggle with the place of patriotism in the church; I struggle with finding ways to talk about this. But we put together what I think was a good service which acknowledged the gifts that we receive as citizens of this particular nation, while setting that in a context of our responsibilities and God's interest in the entire world. I hope that others were touched by it.

#6: How does this mom know she is loved? Our first meal together after their week away was spent with two boys very intentionally situated on either side of me, very close, in fact one finally climbing on my lap. How good that felt!

#7: I'm working on getting recommitted to exercise. I had been doing great for about a year (understand: great for me is three - five times per week, no more than 45 minutes at a time). The last month and a half I've really struggled. I want to love to exercise. I'd even settle for liking it. I generally don't. Any suggestions? I'm looking for things that fit easily into a busy schedule, can be done with small children around, don't cost much...or perhaps take care of themselves while I sleep...Anyone?

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Corinne said...

So many exciting things!! How heartwarming it must have been at dinner to have them want to be near you :) Welcome home to them!

This Heavenly Life said...

Hehe :) I have heard that one aspect of maintaining a healthy weight is to get enough counts as exercise in my book!

So glad your boys were loving on you after their trip!

Jill said...

Sarah, Your sleep = exercise formula is yet another reason why we are friends. Donuts anyone?

This Heavenly Life said...

Jill, I will see YOU in the morning, with my napkin tucked under my chin :)

Sweet dreams -- no, wait -- sweet exercising, my dear!

Anonymous said...

Here's to lazy mornings, especially on a hot summer days.

And I hear you in the exercise department. Before kids I was a great walker, walked an hour every night. Now there is no time and any exercise always gets pushed to the back burner. If you find any good secrets, please share!