Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Here's what I know...

Sometimes my body aches in ways that make me feel old before my time. Perhaps it's that extra 15 pounds that I carry around with me. My legs are thick; my shape is that of a pear...always has been, always will be.

And yet, I'm happy with my body.

My marriage isn't perfect. We are sometimes short with each other, sometimes don't listen, sometimes fight over the dumbest things. I have been known to watch other couples who seem so in tune with each other and wonder why we aren't more so.

And yet, I'm happy to be married to my husband.

My children are sometimes too loud, too messy, too wild, too violent. Brothers hit each other. Toys are strewn about the house. Spills are common.

And yet, I'm happy to be their mommy, so happy.

Ministry can be demanding and exhausting. Often I feel like neither my children nor my congregation get the best of me. I sometimes run from deadline to deadline. I sometime struggle to keep grounded in God rather than just to do the tasks before me.

And yet, I'm happy that this is my calling.

Life is sometimes hard. Sometimes boring. Sometimes frustrating. There are all sorts of things that can discourage...all sorts of things to be lamented. The grass can always look greener somewhere else depending on the lens through which we look.

But, here is what I know...I am happy. I wouldn't trade my life for anything.


This Heavenly Life said...

Amen :) I love your joyful heart.

Amy said...

i just thought i would say that i think you do a wonderful job in all of these areas, and i appreciate you help and advice in my own life.

Also since your current work out buddy is out of commission for a few months i would be happy to join you as soon as a i get my days sorted out.

Katie said...

I wish this post had a 'like' button ha ha. What a wonderfully positive attitude! And why not, why not enjoy all the blessings you have been given-some days I need a little reminder so thank you!