Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bigger Picture Moments: Companions on the Journey

Many are celebrating St. Patrick's Day today.

I, however, am celebrating that six years ago today I met my midwife, the woman who would deliver both of my children.

For many people the one who delivers their child is simply a competent medical professional. But, for me (although she was a competent medical professional) she was so much more.

She was the one who not only shared her medical knowledge, but shared her personal story.

She was the one who not only listened to my questions about pregnancy and birth, but who got to know me, my husband, our family, who wanted to hear our story.

She's the one who cared enough about us to ask what we wanted at the birth of our child.

And she's the one who remembered and gifted us with the closest possible experience even when the birth became difficult.

She's the one who remained so calm when the baby was in distress that this mommy didn't know how distressed he was until he wasn't any longer.

She's the one who never risked myself or my child, but in the midst of handling some challenges still helped our birth be what we wanted.

She's the one who had me come in two weeks after delivery, not to check my body, but to check my heart.

She's the one who helped me see that a second delivery could be much easier than the first.

She's the one who was right and was there for that easy second delivery.

She's the one whose schedule helped determine my children's birthdates...after all, since they were both induced, it was according to her schedule that we chose the day.

She's the one who is a wonderful medical professional, the one who delivered our children, but more than that the one who shared her heart, who entered our lives, who became a companion on the journey.

It's amazing the difference the people around us make. And she made a difference!

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Hyacynth said...

I love that she came to check on your heart. That is a beautiful soul, right there. Such a lovely tribute to her.