Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quick Takes, #19

#1: This past Sunday I got to dedicate our grandbaby in worship. During our dedication services we ask questions of both the parents and the congregation - questions of unconditional love and acceptance, of responsibility, of commitment. I am so proud of his young parents for their dedication to him and to each other. I was so proud of them Sunday as they brought him to our church to commit themselves and ask the help of the community as they raise him to love God. And yet the most beautiful moment had nothing to do with what his parents or the community said. Rather, it was at the end of the service, as I held him up in the midst of our congregation and asked God's blessing on this child. See, as a "church person" my natural instinct is to close my eyes during prayer. I did that as I began this prayer of blessing. Yet, a few words in, I felt the need to look at him, and when I did I was greeted by his big eyes taking in each word and a radiant smile on his face. I couldn't look away. And as I spoke words of prayer directed at God while looking in the face of this amazing child, that just seemed right. For there, in his eyes and in his smile it was God I was seeing.

#2: I love fall. And I'm glad it's here!

#3: I just finished reading a delightful book entitled The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It was a beautiful read, written as a series of letters between characters, set in post-WWII Europe. Thanks, Sarah, for shaing it. I'd definitely recommend it.

#4: I'm concerned about our nation. I'm not one to write a lot about politics. In fact, I'm quite aware that I don't stay as on top of what's going on as I should. And, although I am a registered Democrat, I think this is about more than an election in which many Republicans won. I'm just concerned...concerned about how alienated we seem to be from each other, concerned about our seeming inability to see another's perspective, concerned about our lack of desire for give and take/compromise. We watch this happen in politics, but it's not only there. And I'm concerned.

#5: I miss my hometown and my family. Although I've lived away all of my adult life, I have times when that distance feels more difficult. Now is one of those times. No real reason, nothing wrong where I am, just longing for home.

#6: For some time I have largely neglected collegial relationships. It wasn't an intentional act, it was just that once I was married and had children, I discovered that my time was limited. And it seemed that I had enough to do just to get things done in my congregation and home that I neglected much else. However, recently that's changed and I meet regularly with a group of clergy who renew my spirit. It's very good.

#7: I haven't eaten all my kids' Halloween should be impressed!

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Young Mom said...

#1, So precious!

3# Thanks for the reccomendation!

lucythevaliant said...

I love, love, love the Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society! I've read it at least three times, and I'm going to give it to a bunch of people for Christmas this year. It's a WARM book, and I love warm books.

I haven't eaten all of my kids' Halloween candy either.... YET!