Saturday, May 8, 2010

Two Quick Things

First things first...take a quick trip over to Lenae is there celebrating her second blogiversary and she's doing it with a giveaway. I've been a bit delinquent so you only have the rest of today to it quick! And while you are there, read a few of her entries...she is delightful.

Second, Mother's Day is tomorrow. (You knew that, didn't you?) In light of that occasion, I've decided that I will be writing a letter to each of my boys to tell them what it is that I love about them. Yes, we usually think of our kids doing this for us on such occasions, but they are what makes me a mother, so why not turn the tables? I'm not sure I'll even share the letters with them right away...I may save them for later...but maybe this will become a new Mother's Day ritual for me. I just need to pause for a minute and put on paper what it is about each of them that amazes and delights me.

So, what about your kids? What are the unique things about each that you just can't imagine living without?

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Lenae said...

Jill, thanks so much for sending people my way! I appreciate it! And I find your blog delightful too :)

Love the idea of writing letters to your kiddos. I've kept journals for each of my boys since I found out I was pregnant with them, and it's always interesting to read back through the entries and wonder how they'll receive them when they're older.

Hope your Mother's Day has been fabulous!