Thursday, October 3, 2013

An Open Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Please treat your children like you would treat mine. 

I watch you at ballgames putting up with my child's silliness but grabbing your child with (not so) hidden force you didn't think anyone would notice. 

I watch you in the grocery store smiling sweetly at my child while talking harshly to yours.

And I get it...I know your children push your buttons in ways mine don't have the chance to.  My children do the same to me. 

But, here's what I ask...look at your child and see mine for just a minute before you react a little too swiftly or harshly with yours.

And the flip side is true, too.

See, to your parents who are harder on everyone else while always favoring your own child, I see you, too.

I watch you assume my child must have started it because it couldn't have been your little angel. 

I watch you believe your child should get extra chances while mine should be required to follow all the rules.

Please extend the same grace to my child and give the same benefit of the doubt to him that you do to yours.

I know your kids are your kids.  My kids are mine, too...I get it.  There are no other people who I love more.  And there is not one who can hurt me more.

But just for a moment...before you decide how to respond...look at your child and think of mine and at least see how that changes things.

Another Parent

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