Friday, August 30, 2013

Maybe I Had It Wrong

Tonight my five-year-old and I had the following conversation:

Five-year-old: You're the best mom I've ever had.
Me: I'm the only mom you've ever had.
Five-year-old: No, I had other moms in heaven.
Me: Really?  Did you have a lot of them?
Five-year-old: Only two.
Me: Were they good moms?
Five-year-old: Yes.
Me: Good.  I would only want you to have good moms.
Five-year-old: They were good, but not as good as you.

Okay, I admit first my heart melted because...well, you know why my heart melted!  He's sweet!  (or he knows how to play me, but it's still sweet!)

But my heart also melted because I hear him talk with ease about being in heaven before he was born (something no one to my knowledge explicitly taught him) and I am reminded that when I started this blog I named it Clearest Glimpse because I believe as parents we are the clearest glimpse of God our children get...but what the five-year-old reminds me of is that our children are the clearest glimpse we get.

If only we will pay attention.

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