Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Gift...and the Anxiety that Comes With It

I am one of those fortunate people whose vocation grants a time to step away.  I will, for the second time while serving this congregation, be receiving the gift of sabbatical.  For the next couple of months I will be out of my usual routine and be given time for rest and especially timely gift considering our community just passed the one year anniversary of our tornado.

I can't say thank you enough for this gift.

And I'm exited about the promises of this time...
     the promise of rest (goal: 8 hours of sleep at night)
          the promise of health (goal: exercising again and making better
          eating choices)
               the promise of relationships (goal: time with family and
                    the promise of renewal (goal: finding my center again)

But I am aware of the anxiety that comes with this gift...
     time will go too quickly
          I haven't set goals that many would say are either big or
          measurable...and might not even accomplish these
               even if I do great over sabbatical, will day 1 back at work
               throw my right back into unhealthy rhythms and bad

And so, as I prepare to receive this gift (which begins June 1) I am eager...I am anxious...I am hopeful.

What healthy routines do you practice for self, for spirit, for family?
How do you defend your boundaries?


Personal Growth said...

Personal growth is very important aspect of our life. It give us strength and filling us with positive energy.

Galen Pearl said...

Good questions. I pray and meditate or do tai chi most mornings. As for boundaries, I had to learn about those! Now I am the queen of boundaries.