Monday, October 3, 2011

Fiction or Non-fiction

Tonight (while avoiding going to bed) my five-year-old (who had already been told to return to his bed at least three times) came out to the dining room where the following conversation took place:

Him: Mom, one other thing. "Spooky Buddies" - you know, the movie - is that fiction or non-fiction?

Me: You learned something new today, didn't you? Was that in library time?

Him: (proudly) Yes!

Me: So, what is fiction and what is non-fiction?

Him: Non-fiction is when it's real. And fiction is when it's fake.

Me: (thinking someday - when he's more than five - we'll have conversations about how fiction isn't always fake and non-fiction isn't always as true as it claims to be, how Truth can be found in both and isn't always where we assume, etc, etc) So, what is "Spooky Buddies"?

Him: (thinking) Fiction!

Him: What about...

Me: Go to bed! We can talk about others tomorrow.

I love knowing what he learned and I love when he wants to share...

even if it's really all about avoiding bedtime!

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Lucy The Valiant said...

That could have been one looooong bed-time-avoiding conversation!